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When I started in the compression stocking business 15 years ago the style and color options were few and far between. There were some cotton blends, but most were nylon and spandex in beige and black. The occasional customer would ask if we had anything fun or fashionable… patterns or stripes. Back then the answer was “Sorry, no, but we will keep telling our manufacturers what you want.”

To our long-time customers who wanted variety, thank you for your persistence! Today, there are stripes, patterns and a kaleidoscope of colors available from Rejuvahealth, Top & Derby, CEP, Juzo Dream Colors, and our newest line of stylish compression socks…. Sockwell. The Sockwell designs and colors are comparatively muted and conservative, but convey a sophisticated and stylish edge. Perhaps most importantly, the Sockwell weave includes luxurious fibers for maximum comfort. Sockwell compression stockings are available for men and women in 15-20 and 20-30 mmHg.

We had BrightLife founder, Pete, wear a pair of the Men’s Circulator Stripe on a recent cross-country trip to San Francisco. They were made from merino wool, bamboo rayon, stretch nylon and spandex. Beside the great fabric, Sockwells also have a lightly padded sole, arch support, non-binding welt to keep the socks comfortably in place, and a seamless toe closure.

Pete said the charcoal looked great with a pair of jeans and brown dress shoes. Even after a five hour flight with my knees under my chin, my legs felt fantastic. Plus, I discovered an added benefit from the fine wool fabric… my skin didn’t dry out. When I wear compression stockings made from cotton and/or nylon my legs can get dry and flaky. That didn’t happen with the Sockwells. I’m a fan!

Next, I tried out a pair of the Sockwell Chevron socks. My first reaction to seeing the teal pattern and soft, Merino Wool fabric of the Sockwell Chevron style was that these are not your average compression socks! It can be hard to find cute compression socks for women these days that work, but Sockwell definitely delivers. They look like normal socks, but they also have 15-20mmHg graduated compression, which helps to increase circulation, prevent muscle fatigue and reduce swelling.  The socks are super soft because they are made of bamboo fibers, which also helps to preserve the color. The socks are antibacterial and blister-proof making them perfect for working out, traveling, wearing out and about, or when you are sitting or standing for a long time.

When I put the socks on, my legs instantly felt more relaxed. After driving multiple hours a day, my right leg tends to be shaky, tight and aches. It also doesn’t help that 80% of the time I’m sitting down. When I put on the sock, the tired feeling in my legs disappeared. I wore them all night until I went to bed. I woke up the next morning feeling back to normal. I was impressed. I decided to wear them all day and see how they felt. I found myself much more motivated to go to the gym because my legs still felt refreshed and energized at the end of the day. I think the biggest thing I noticed about wearing these socks was how tired my legs normally feel without them. I didn’t realize how much they ache on a normal basis because I got so used to it. It’s amazing what a difference a pair of socks can make!

The best thing about compression socks is that now there are TONS of styles and colors to choose from. Sockwell also has socks with stripes, polka dots, tile and floral patterns. They even have cute ankle socks that you can wear if you tend to wear low-cut socks. These socks are perfect for wearing with tighter jeans because of the shorter length.

Comfort is everything these days, and now you don’t have to give it up to be stylish. Many people think that compression socks are super tight and just squeeze your legs. Although they are tighter than normal socks, they don’t make your legs feel constricted. To be honest, I almost forgot I was wearing them because of how comfortable they are! Try a pair out for yourself and feel the difference. Happy, healthy legs will never go out of style.

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