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Finding the right compression stockings or armsleeve in the size that is right for you can feel overwhelming, especially with so many different options. BrightLife Direct makes it easy with our Size Machine, a product finder and size calculator in one.   Quickly and easily filter through hundreds of products to find the ones that are made to fit you.  It takes two minutes and can save hours!

The Size Machine asks a few easy questions.  All you do is click a few buttons.  You will then be prompted to enter the measurements required for the style of garment you wish to buy.  Instantly, your measurements are compared against every brand’s size charts and a personalized list of products that fit you is created.  Print or email the results.  Manufacturers participating in the Size Machine include Jobst, Juzo, Allegro, Mediven, Therafirm, and Sigvaris.

Just another way BrightLife Direct is simplifying the way medical compression garments are sold.


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Brita - September 20, 2019

Hi Brenda – Size 4 likely refers to the Juzo sizing as they size in numbers. Did the doctor tell you what compression level to buy? 15-20 or 20-30 mmHg? If you give us a call, we can help figure it out with you! Our number is 1-877-545-8585

Brenda Paige - September 20, 2019

Good evening. My sister was measured as size 4 by her doctor for compression socks above the knee. I googled size 4 in mg and it stated 120-240mg. I have searched your web site and was unable to find that size. Can you help me please. Will truly be appreciated. Thanks Brenda Paige.

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