New Products to Treat Lymphedema

Solaris Medical and CircAid have both introduced new products for use in treating lymphedema.

For the early decongestive phase of treatment, CircAid has developed revolutionary new Reduction Kits that replace bandages and wrapping.  Made from a soft neoprene like material, Reduction Kits have straps with Velcro closures.   You can easily take the garment off to bathe and put it back on correctly so you don’t loose any of the reduction you’ve gained.

Reduction Kits must be sized and customized by your clinic or therapist.  As your limb reduces, you can make small adjustments to the garments size.  After significant reductions, the Kit can be adjusted or further customized by your therapist.

Available for both upper and lower extremities, CircAid Reduction Kits allow you to lead a normal life, without constant visits to a clinic or therapist for wrapping.

reduction-blogOnce you’ve completed the decongestive phase of treatment, you’ll need garments to maintain the gains you’ve made.  Solaris Medical has just launched a new line of compression garments designed for lymphedema treatment called Exo.

ExoSoft is made from a circular knit fabric (no seams) and is available in knee highs, thigh highs, an arm sleeve, gauntlet and three gloves with varying finger lengths.  All are a 20-30mmHg compression.  ExoSoft offers a moderate level of containment.

ExoStrong is made from the same flat knit fabric used to make custom stockings.  Also available in knee highs, thigh highs, arm sleeve, gauntlet and three glove styles.  ExoStrong provides a compression of 20-30mmHg too, but with a very high level of containment.   Both of the Exo lines are available in beige and black.


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