More Than A Beautiful Sock

I met the guys behind Top & Derby about a year ago at a medical trade show in Atlanta.  They were displaying the most beautiful canes, made from walnut with a simple silicone handle.  As we talked they mentioned that their next project would be compression stockings.  Based on the design of their canes, I was expecting a beautifully made sock, and they didn’t disappoint.  BrightLife Direct is the first US retailer to sell the new Trig Compression Sock from Top & Derby.

Designed for men and women, the Trig is more than a beautiful geometric pattern.  This stocking is really well made.  The nylon, Lycra blend is substantial without being too thick, and is extremely soft.  There’s a reciprocated heel, so it fits perfectly, and an invisible toe seam for comfort.  The top-band is part of the sock so there’s no binding.  I did a wash and wear test, three times in the washer and dryer, and the stocking stayed up all day.  (Top & Derby recommends you air dry this sock.  It will retain its compression and color longer if you do.)

Trig provides a moderate level of compression, 15-20mmHg, which makes it a perfect choice for travel and everyday wear.  This stocking is sized by ankle and calf circumference, so be sure to measure your leg.  Measure first thing in the morning, around the narrowest part of your ankle and heaviest part of your calf.  Also measure the length of your leg from the floor to bend of knee.


The most difficult part of ordering this sock will be deciding what color to buy.  Your choices are “Not your Granny’s Smith”, a combination of yellow, gold, gray and light blue.  “Coral of the Story”, features triangles of deep coral, light coral, brown, blue and beige, and “Going Bare Black” a geometric mixture of blacks and grays.  I couldn’t decide, so I got all three.

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