Miss America’s “Butt Glue”

Miss America 2014 - from CNNLast month, Miss Missouri Shelby Ringdahl told the world that in her 2 minutes of prep time before the swimsuit competition, “I had time for hairspray and butt glue. That was it.” It had me, and probably most people, wondering what exactly is “butt glue” and where can I get some for myself?

Turns out – we’re already selling “butt glue” at BrightLife Direct!

In the pageant world, “butt glue” is a term for body adhesive, which contestants use to keep their swimsuit bottoms in place (i.e. not bunched up) during judging. It Stays body adhesive is the number one choice for beauty pageant contestants, according to Mahalo, and you can buy it on our site.

So, why do we sell It Stays at BrightLife? Well, many customers have issues with knee highs or thigh high stockings slipping down during the day. It Stays keeps the tops of these stockings in place whether you’re sitting or on your feet all day.

A recent customer from Iowa said, “‘It Stays’ is the only way I can keep my compression stockings up. The greatest thing on the land next to ice cream.”

So – there you have it. You can be just like a Miss America contestant and get your butt glue at BrightLife Direct.

By Brita @ BrightLife Direct

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