JoVi Pak – A Leader in Lymphedema Treatment

In the world of lymphedema treatment, everyone knows JoVi Pak for their unique and high quality products. The company was started in 2000 by JoAnn Rovig. JoAnn is a breast cancer survivor and lymphedema patient, and was the first lymphedema therapist in the Pacific Northwest.

JoVi Pak (JVP) makes pads to fit any part of the body, filled with foam chips. When used under a compression garment or bandaging, the foam gently massages the tissue, moving lymph fluid and waste away from the affected area. JVP only uses foam made in the US that is free from toxic chemicals, which can be found in many other polyurethane foams. Outer fabrics are made by Polartec, so pads are extremely durable and can be machine washed and dried.

These same quality materials are used to make upper and lower extremity garments that can be worn at night, used as a bandage liner, or in combination with a JoVi Jacket that provides compression similar to short-stretch bandaging.

JVP also distributes the Bellisse Compressure Comfort Bra. This unique garment is used by mastectomy and lumpectomy patients to treat edema, lymphedema, and/or radiation fibrosis. It has built-in pockets designed to hold specialized pads that protect sensitive areas and gently break-up fibrotic tissue. Most of these pads can also be used in a sport or mastectomy bra.

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