Jobst for Men Ambition – First Look

Jobst for Men AmbitionYesterday I wore the new Jobst Ambition dress sock, in a 20-30mmHg compression.  This sock has been completely redesigned, and if successful, will probably replace the current Jobst for Men line which hasn’t had an update in over 15 years.  Ambition is available in three compression levels: 15-20, 20-30, and 30-40mmHg, and five colors: black, dark gray, brown, navy and khaki.  A color for every pant.

Ambition is made with cotton and carbon infused polyester.  The cotton gives the fabric a very soft comfortable feel.  The carbon naturally eliminates foot odor.  The sock also has a very high spandex content, which is good.  Spandex provides stretch, so the sock will easily move with your leg throughout the day.

Foot: The foot on Ambition is more fitted than For Men and Casual.  It was very comfortable.  There’s reduced pressure in the toe area, and a toe seam which I could feel, but it’s flat and wasn’t annoying as some can be.  The heel is a new design with seams on each side.  It’s designed to fit larger heels.  The heel fit was perfect.

Leg:  I wasn’t crazy about the leg portion.  There was too much fabric for the length of my leg and I had a hard time smoothing out the wrinkles.  The upside to this extra length is the sock didn’t tug down at all the entire day.  I’m 5’9”, and it seemed like Ambition is made for a longer leg.  The leg also felt tight.  Some people like that feel… they know the sock is working.  I prefer less obvious compression.  Every sock fits people differently, so don’t let this discourage you.  A work colleague wore the 15-20mmHg Ambition, and he said they were the most comfortable socks he had ever worn.

The top band is 2.25” wide, and didn’t move or slip.  They were new out of the box, but that hasn’t stopped other socks I’ve tested from being around my ankles by lunch.

Sizing:  Jobst, which uses the same size chart for all of their stockings 15-20mmHg and up, is using a completely new sizing system for this sock.  Small, medium, and large has been replaced by 1 through 6, and every size is available in a regular or tall length.  This will be great for really tall guys, who don’t have many options in ready-to-wear men’s support socks.

Conclusion:  Overall this was not my favorite sock.  The foot was really comfortable, and the fabric very soft, but the leg portion didn’t fit me as well as I would like.  I’m a little too short, and will stick with the Men’s Casual.

By: Pete@BrightLife Direct

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