Halloween Inspiration

This Halloween – I’ve decided not to be uncomfortable and cold in my costume. I’m also not going to spend a ton of money on something I’ll never wear again. Enter my favorite compression socks and tights!

Whether you’re walking through the neighborhood with your kids or hopping from costume party to costume party this Halloween, you’re going to be on your feet all night! Don’t sacrifice comfort, warmth and great circulation for a costume. Check out our ideas for DIY Halloween costumes that integrate super comfortable, warm compression socks and stockings.


It’s the Tin Man (or woman!) – grab your Pewter Juzo stockings, an ax and make yourself a foil hat for this quick and easy costume.


1950’s children’s book character Eloise is as popular as ever. Pair your favorite button down shirt with a skirt, bow, suspenders and Allegro Hop Sox.



If you’re going to be having a beer on Halloween, make it part of your costume! Throw your Jobst for Men knee highs on with a vest and shorts and you’re good to go.



Cher and Dee had great taste in socks, and so do you. Put your Therafirm Trouser Socks on with some mary janes and you’ll be on your way to 90’s fashion fame.



Juzo’s new Fall/Winter seasonal colors will amp up any outfit, especially a Halloween costume. Use your Maize thigh highs or stockings to become Donald Duck (above), or the customer favorite Juzo Pink leggings (below) to become the Energizer Bunny.

By Brita @ BrightLife Direct

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