Get Involved for Lymphedema Awareness Month + Giveaway

As many of you know, March is Lymphedema Awareness Month. Each year, BrightLife Direct supports the lymphedema community through advocacy, education, and giving back. This year, we are giving away three LympheDivas arm sleeves to one lucky winner! You can find the rules and enter below.

What Is Lymphedema?

First, for those who are unfamiliar with lymphedema, here is some background information: Lymphedema is a chronic lymphatic disease that is characterized by swelling (edema), that is caused by a collection of too much lymph fluid. It is most commonly in the arms or legs but it can happen in other parts of the body as well. This swelling may cause pain and limit how well the affected area moves. This condition affects up to 10 million Americans and over 100 million people worldwide, yet is still unknown to many doctors and patients. Some people are born with lymphedema, this is called primary lymphedema. Most common is secondary lymphedema which is caused by the removal of or damage to your lymph nodes following a surgical procedure, often after a breast cancer diagnosis.

Today, there is no cure for lymphedema. However, the lymphedema community has made great strides in awareness to bring this condition to light to find a cure. Award-winning actress, Kathy Bates, developed lymphedema after undergoing a mastectomy. She is now the face of the Lymphatic Education & Research Network (LE&RN), sharing her story with the world to help others.

World Lymphedema Day

World Lymphedema Day (WLD) is celebrated annually on March 6th. This patient-driven awareness day is filled with incredible support from doctors, patients, lymphedema therapists and many more. The goal is to educate our communities and make cures for lymphedema and lymphatic diseases a global priority. The first ever WLD occurred on March 6, 2016. Since then, the lymphedema community has made great strides in education and awareness.

How Do You Manage Lymphedema?

There is no cure, and without proper management, lymphedema can become a debilitating disease. Lymphedema treatment focuses on reducing the swelling and controlling the pain. Treatments to minimize swelling include: manual lymph drainage (MLD), exercises, staying hydrated, wrapping your arm or leg and the regular use of wearing compression garments. Many people with lymphedema struggle with the idea of having to wear compression stockings or arm sleeves for life, but compression companies are listening and are making options that are as comfortable and stylish as possible. Garments come in numerous colors and patterns to let your personality shine through without anyone ever knowing your wearing compression!

Well-known compression brands like JobstMediven, Sigvaris, and Juzo, all offer compression garments in a wide range of sizes and styles in both the upper and lower extremities. We have fashionistas covered too! There are tons of stylish arm sleeves and stockings out there waiting for you. If you want a fun patterned arm sleeve with a matching glove or gauntlet, LympheDivas is for you. Choose from their ever-expanding range of patterns and colors to add some pizzazz to your wardrobe. Juzo is also hip to fun colors and patterns as well. The Juzo Dream Collection offers new colors for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter in knee highs, thigh highs, pantyhose, leggings and armsleeves. The Dream Collection is available in 15-20, 20-30, 30-40, and 40-50 mmHg in sheer, tie-dye, and opaque styles.

If you struggle to put on traditional compression garments, we have you covered as well. Compression wraps are a great alternative and are easy to put on. More and more people with lymphedema are turning to wraps for their ability to adjust compression levels and are able to accommodate swelling fluctuations. Therapists love them for their ability to fit like a custom garment at a ready-to-wear price. Sigvaris (formally BiaCare)CircAidSolaris, and Juzo, all offer fantastic wraps for the legs and arms. 

BrightLife Direct understands the difficulty in finding the right garment. Between finding the right fabric or size, it can be an overwhelming process. Give us a call at 1-877-545-8585 and talk to our team of certified fitters to find the perfect garment for you. We are always happy to help you.

How Can You Get Involved In Lymphedema Awareness Month?

  • Local Events: Get involved in upcoming events. LE&RN has a ton of opportunities to get involved in your local community and online. Check out their website to find a chapter near you.
  • Online Advocacy: The lymphedema community is growing every day. Join a Facebook group or search on Twitter and Instagram to connect with fellow lymphies! People from all over the world are sharing their journeys through blogs and social media to support one another.
  • March 6th is World Lymphedema Day. Share posts online and include #WLD2020 to show your support. Many cities all over the world will be lighting up landmarks in blue in honor of World Lymphedema Day.

Enter to Win Our Giveaway!

There are many ways to enter to win three LympheDivas compression arm sleeves. Only one lucky winner will receive their choice of 3 LympheDivas arm sleeves (any pattern, size and compression level). Your options to enter are listed below. You can visit BrightLife Direct on Facebook or leave a comment on this blog below letting us know which 3 LympheDivas patterns you would choose. The winner will be announced on Friday, April 3. The deadline to enter is Tuesday, April 1, 2020 at 12:00 am EDT. Good luck!

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Ellen Ellis - March 30, 2020

I would choose tranquility, tattoo blossom or magnolia blossom. Would love to try some fun colors for summer.

Julie - March 12, 2020

The sleeves I have purchased are fantastic!! Always great options for color and patterns. Quality products.

Linda Williams - March 11, 2020

I brought my leg wraps they’re wonderful , they help me a lot I suffer 10 years with my legs with no solutions . Until I was referred to lymphedema clinic for my problem and they referred me to your company for my products. . The clinic helps me to measure what size I need so I recommend you go to clinic to help you and they will do measurements out so that you get the right size.
I found out I need a arm sleeve , I want to order that next .
. Thank you guys so much for your company making it easy to control my lymph edema
Much 😍

Pam - March 11, 2020

I like the Romatic Rose, Magnolia and Dahlia. Thank You for Awareness!!

Dorean Boyer - March 11, 2020

So far I have bought Three sleeves from you . Two of them are starting to show wear. I will soon have to buy more . I’m going to be looking in the future for more Thank You So So Much for your products.

Stephanie - March 10, 2020

Hi Patty – I emailed you directly to get more information about your group. Please check your email and respond to me that way.

Stephanie - March 10, 2020

Hi Rosa Maria – Compression stockings don’t provide foot compression. While we here at BrightLife Direct are not doctors, we would recommend a compression wrap. Please use this link to find compression wraps specifically for feet:

Jack - March 10, 2020

I like solid color, but wild designs brighten my day plus lighten my arm.

Erika M. - March 10, 2020

There are so many patterns I like!! The 3 I pick if I’m so lucky to win are the: chloe armsleeve, romantic rose, and a bei chic. Grip top. 2-30mmHg. Reg II

PAtty - March 10, 2020

Please also make colorful fun compression garmentsnfornthenthighnhighnlegs that cover ankle &/foot. I also have Lymphedema in my legs &/torso. Would love to see lacey &=flowersnon legbgarments. Can be worn as leggings and would be very popular. We have many younger & younger women in group under 45;with Lymphedema. I help run Support group in Richmond, VA – would be happy to share samples Or invite you to attend compression garment show in October ( every October) in Richmond, VA.

Patty - March 10, 2020

I buy your products every year. Thank you for greats sales as my insurance no longer cover the cost of my compression garments. I love the new lacy looking garments for arms. I & many friends who also have Lymphedema in our legs would love to see thigh highs that cover your foot in ankle in the Lacey garment. So pretty & feminine.I am young and its a great idea- would wear them instead of leggings. You already have tie die thigh highs. We want more variety in colorful fun thigh high compression legs. Thx- I help run Lymphedema Support group in Richmond, VA- we will share everything if you send samples.

Glennyce Mertz - March 10, 2020

I like having a choice of patterns for a compression sleeve, and I love the variety of patterns! I don’t feel like I’m just wearing some old plain brown support hose on my arm.

Anne M Bray - March 10, 2020

Leo Leopard, Black,
Red? Pink? Paisley?

Therese F Maucere - March 10, 2020

I would love anything with gorgeous flowers:)

Helen - March 10, 2020

This is great! At 81, I’m finally learning about lymphadema! When I inquired about knee surgery, the orthopedist told me my legs were “too fat” and recommended I get bariatric surgery so my legs could get thinner. Ha! That’s when I went to see a vein specialist suggested by an RN. After being tested for hours, I was diagnosed with Lymphadema and Lipadema and sent to a therapist to see if pressure boots would help. Now, years later, I cannot manage to put the boots on without help and discovered a lymphadema therapist in the small town where I now live. Through her I was able to locate this web site. And I’m finally learning about my disease. Yay!!!

Phyllis - March 10, 2020

Would absolutely LOVE to win new sleeves as mine are in pretty poor shape!
My choices would be:
Mocha (plain)
Bodhi mocha
Damask mocha

I’d then have to spring for matching gauntlets, but that works!!

Melissa - March 10, 2020

I would love to have some fun patterned sleeves! Definitely would get Bones. I’m also find of Celestial and the tattoo ones. Thanks for the opportunity!

Angela Dendinger - March 10, 2020

Angela Boyd-Dendinger – Loving my LympheDiva‘s Arm Sleeves
Love ot to have three more :) Hint – Hint
My favorite arm sleeves designs are anything with butterflies and/or flowers.

Absolutely love the comments and questions that I get from people about my colorful sleeves – The wash and wear on theses sleeves are AMAZING!!

Linda - March 10, 2020

I have had to wear a sleeve since 2002, these are by far my favorites. Anything other than a plain beige.

Rosa Maria - March 10, 2020

Got the lymphedema in 2014 after two inguinal surgeries, at the beginning was a nightmare, with time and care I got somehow acostummed to my condition, but lately I’d been having problems with additional swelling and can’t get out from Sketcher shoes, I wish I could get nice leather shoes in the size I need without having to buy two pairs of the same shoes in different wides. If you have any suggestion please let me know.

Eileen Boyce - April 3, 2019

I was going to the hospital 3 times a week to get my legs wrapped but now they sold me velcro wraps I can put on at home. I do not like any wraps because they are hot and hurt the rashy bumps on my legs where I had cellulitis. My legs are red, swollen and bumpy. I put vita E and cetaphil on my legs and keep them elevated. Do you have any suggestions? I tell my friends and family about this disease.

debbie - March 7, 2019

I love the new colors and patterns of the diva line although I am not happy with the top elastic bands on the arm sleeves they tend to roll down and cut off circulation.

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