Fashionable Compression from LympheDivas

LympheDivas was founded in Philadelphia by two young breast cancer survivors who were not impressed with the compression sleeve options they found back in 2006.  Rachel and Robin were so enthusiastic about their new company, and so fun to work with, we couldn’t resist.  BrightLife Direct has carried LympheDiva armsleeves and gauntlets from the beginning and we continue to add new patterns and colors.

Wrapture:  Garden of Eden meets tattoo parlor – the Wrapture sleeve has two intertwined snakes in shades of gray on a neutral background.  When you want to be bad…

lymphedivas wrapture armsleeve

Cosmos:  Galaxies, stars, and nebulae swirl on this sleeve.  The distant heavens a little closer to home.  Inspired by an image from the Hubble telescope.


Primrose:  An updated version of a 70’s floral wallpaper.  Large flowers on an off-white background.  Very classic.

LympeDivas Primrose Armsleeve

South Pacific:  If Captain Jack Sparrow wore a compression sleeve this would be it!  Anchors, hearts, roses, stars and a bluebird of happiness.  Looking at this sleeve, it’s hard not to smile.  A must for your next cruise or beach vacation.

South Pacific Armsleeve - LympheDivasPete@BrightLife Direct

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