FarrowWrap Basic

Edema (swelling) either venous or lymphatic, can take many forms.  For some people the swelling is minor, and a moderate compression stocking worn during the day is all that’s necessary to control the swelling.  For others it can be quite severe, and limbs need to be bandaged or wrapped 23 hours a day.  This process is not only difficult, but very time consuming.  An alternative to wrapping with short stretch bandages and padding are compression wraps.  Wide overlapping strips of fabric, held in place by Velcro closures.  These wraps are very easy to put on and take off, are reusable, and mimic the compression provided by short-stretch bandages.  They have also been quite expensive, until now.

Farrow Medical recently introduced their Basic line.  Available for the foot, lower leg, and hand, FarrowWrap Basic provides moderate to strong compression at a very reasonable price.  Bandages for wrapping have a very short life span.  Basic can even be machine washed and dried (no heat).

If you wrap your legs with bandages, or have difficulty putting on traditional compression stockings, ask your therapist if FarrowWrap Basic will work for you.

By: Pete@BrightLife Direct

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