Does travel insurance make sense for you?

Planning an international trip is usually filled with joy and excitement.  Thoughts of dealing with a medical emergency are a real buzz kill when you’re dreaming of exotic tropical beaches.  But emergencies do happen, and if planned for in advance, can be far less disruptive and costly.

An article in The Washington Post provided a number of resources for very reasonably priced comprehensive travel insurance.  Plans are available for a set annual fee, or percentage of the trip cost.  They will reimburse you for prepaid travel costs if you miss your cruise because of a flight delay, or have to stay home to care for a sick relative.  Break your ankle walking the cobblestone streets of ancient Rome… you’re covered.  Basic insurance plans that only cover medical expenses, or just trip cancellation are also available.

So when you’re planning that next big trip, don’t forget the travel insurance and don’t forget your travel socks.  They’re like insurance for your legs, protecting against DVT’s (deep vein thrombosis).

BrightLife Direct is not in the travel insurance business, and is providing this information because we thought it was valuable.

Pete@BrightLife Direct

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