Do I need a short length compression sock?

If you buy petite length trousers or often find yourself getting your clothes hemmed - you likely need to be wearing a Short or Petite length in compression socks and stockings.


How do you know if you need a Short length?

Measure! Most brands recommend a short length if your lower leg (from floor to the bend in the knee) is less than 16”. If you’re looking at panythose or thigh highs, you should measure your whole leg, from floor to three finger widths below your buttocks. If this measurement is less than 28”, you’ll want to order short length stockings as well.

This is just one way to figure out whether you need a short size.  Because all legs are shaped differently, sometimes we need to consider more than just the length measurement.

  • Are your current stockings are getting wrinkles in the fabric - especially at the ankle and the knee? If you are finding these wrinkles, it’s likely that your stockings are too long and you should try a petite.
  • When you wear knee high socks, is the top band is digging into the bend of your knee? If it is, you need something shorter.
  • Are you folding the top of your stockings down? Stop! You definitely need something shorter and folding the stocking down can be really harmful to your health!


What brands carry Petite sizing?

Nearly all of the brands now offer Petite or Short sizing in compression socks, thigh highs and pantyhose. You can start here on our Petite length pages and filter down by the style that you’re looking for:

Men’s Petite Length

Women’s Petite Length

**As always, remember that a lot of compression stockings are Unisex - so you may see a picture with the opposite gender on the page.

Juzo is one brand that really stands out in the Petite products. Juzo has TWO short length options - Short and Petite.

SHORT is for lower legs less than 15.75” and full legs less than 28.25”
PETITE is for lower legs less than 13”  and full legs less than 24.75”

So, if short options in other brands aren’t working for you - definitely try Juzo’s Petite size which offers you an even shorter length.


What options do you have for Petite Legs with Wide Calves?

This is a question we get a lot. Here are few customer favorites that we'd recommend:

Therafirm Core-Spun Short Socks - the XX-Large size in this Short sock fits a calf up to 25.5” around

Medi Plus - Size 7 (VII) goes up to a 24.5” calf

Juzo Dynamic Max - Size 5 (V) goes up to 26” in the calf

Sigvaris Comfort PLUS Knee Highs - Size XS (X-Large Short) will fit a calf up to 28”


Looking for a compression wrap for a short leg?

We've got these too! CircAid carries wraps in short lengths.

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