Cool Compression for Summer

Summer officially began this past Friday, and if the heat and humidity hasn’t arrived where you live, it probably will very soon.  The mere idea of wearing compression stockings when it’s hot may seem unpleasant, but there are options that can keep your feet dry and comfortable even in the warmest weather.

Jobst ActiveWear is one of those options.  In addition to the nylon and spandex found in almost all compression stockings, ActiveWear is made with Dri-Release cotton and polyester.  These fibers are designed to pull moisture away from your skin, so your legs and feet stay dry.

No compression stocking can offer the light, loose feel many of us prefer to wear in warm weather, but ActiveWear is incredibly comfortable.  The foot is very well padded and the toe is seamless, so you don’t need to wiggle your toes to get them comfortable.  The fabric is really soft so it feels nice against your skin, and the top-band is wide and comfortable.

ActiveWear is available in knee-high length.  For proper sizing measure the circumference of your ankle at the narrowest point and calf at the widest, and compare to the Jobst size chart.  ActiveWear is also available in full-calf sizes that fit larger-than-average sized legs, up to a 24” calf circumference.  Three levels of graduated compression are available, from moderate to extra-firm.

I am just back from a walk at lunch, wearing a pair of ActiveWear moderate support.  It’s 91 degrees in DC today and I’m feeling the heat in many places, but my feet are dry.

Jobst ActiveWear foot portion

By: Pete@BrightLife Direct

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