Compression Socks for Every Reason!

calvin's socks don't match

While Calvin may not see a reason for changing his socks depending on his outfit or activity, we believe differently. You probably won’t be comfortable wearing the Juzo Emerald Green leggings you wore to work on your run later today. Likewise – for you men – your Jobst trouser socks won’t be comfortable on the tennis court.  So, what should you be wearing when you’re working out, playing tennis, or going for a run? This week we’re introducing a new product from Jobst that should meet all of your sport sock needs. 

The new Jobst Sport Sock has all of the compression features we expect from our best-selling brand. It comes in two compression levels (15-20mmHg and 20-30mmHg) which will make sure to keep blood flowing through your legs and feet during intense activity. Additionally, it’s been specially designed for comfort and utility during physical activities. Like your favorite sport shirts, these socks will wick away moisture to keep your legs and feet dry and fresh. Carbon fibers even promise to help control order, so say goodbye to stinky sport feet!

Finally, extra padding has been added to the foot and achilles to absorb impact and ensure comfort whether you’re jumping, sprinting, walking or biking. Sounds like the perfect sock for any sport activity to me!

By Brita @ BrightLife Direct

Brita is BrightLife Direct’s new Digital Marketing Manager. A recent MBA graduate from Georgetown University, she’s looking forward to engaging with BrightLife’s fantastic customer base and learning more about the far-reaching benefits of compression products.

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