Best Socks for Hiking

I just got back from an amazing trip to Israel.  This provided a marathon test of the ability of compression stockings to not only stop my feet and ankles from swelling on a very long flight, but also reduce fatigue and soreness from long days of touring and hiking through the ancient world.

On the flight over I wore a pair of Sigvaris Sea Island Cotton socks for men.  The fabric on these socks is lightweight and luxurious, with a really comfortable foot.  If I have to wear compression socks for 16 + hours, I want them to be the best.  I just rinsed these out, and wore the same pair home.

We spent the first day biking all over Tel Aviv, which was a great way to see the city.  There are bike rental stations and paths all over, and the city is rather flat, so peddling wasn’t too strenuous.  I wore a pair of Juzo Silver Sole low cut socks biking.

After a full day in Tel Aviv, we rented a car and headed north to Galilee and the Golan. The northern part of the country is spectacularly beautiful, with mountains and very hilly towns, dotted with patches of green.  During two full days of hiking, we saw ancient biblical cities, breathtaking gardens, a waterfall, an ancient fortress high on a rocky outcrop, vineyards, and from the slope of Mt. Hermon three countries, Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.  My legs and feet would not have held up without compression and padding.  On one day I wore Medi Active, and the other Jobst Active.  I love both of these socks.

Nimrod's Fortress

It was hard to leave so much natural beauty, but we had three full days of tours booked in Jerusalem and the West Bank, so we headed south.  When one travels so far, you want to see as much as possible, so we didn’t stop moving.   At 54, I couldn’t have kept up the pace without compression stockings and really comfortable shoes.  Unlike Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Ramallah are not flat.  If you’re not hiking up or down a hill, you’re climbing up or down a set of stairs.  Thanks to another pair of Medi Active, and two pair of Allegro Athletics for keeping me moving, and helping make this a fantastic trip.

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