Allegro is getting a new look!

Your favorite Allegro compression products are getting a new look.  The stockings will NOT change, but we are very excited to announce redesigned packaging for Allegro. The new packages include illustrated donning instructions, a size chart, care instructions and some easy to understand icons on the front, that tell you a little about the stockings inside.  We’re also reorganizing the products into two groups, Essential and Premium, and making a few name changes so the products are easier to find online.  Product item numbers will remain the same.  Our new packaging will roll-out slowly over the next few months, and you’ll also see a few new products being added.

Here are a few more details on the changes:

  • New organization! With the addition of so many new socks, we’ve organized the Allegro lines into “Essential” and “Premium”.  Essential socks are your favorite everyday, low-cost socks. They’re durable, comfortable and won’t strain your wallet. Allegro Premium Socks are made from more luxurious materials, like Italian Cotton, and are priced a bit higher.
  • The dance names sadly, are dancing away.  The Jig, Swing, Samba, Jazz, and Paso Doble were fun, but they didn’t describe the products very well.  New product names will now be more descriptive.  For example, the Allegro Jig Cotton Sock will now be called the Allegro Essential – Unisex Cotton Compression Sock.
  • The item numbers will NOT change.  If your favorite sock is the #100 – it will still be the #100 on the new packaging and online.
  • New products! We listened to your feedback, and went on a hunt to find the best compression products available.  We found premium sheer stockings, wool knee highs, an open toe cotton sock, and a super soft sock made with milk fibers.  Details on these exciting new products will be coming soon.

Check out some of our new packaging artwork below and let us know what you think!

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