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The Carolina Copy Cats aren’t your average volunteers! This inspirational group of women travel to nursing homes, senior church groups, retirement communities and more just to spread the joy of music. They lip-sync, sing and dance for senior groups in Charlotte, North Carolina. They also give scholarships to high school students to allow them to further their education in dance. This non-profit organization is made up of women ages 55-102 years old with a passion for entertainment.  They take their audience back to “way back when” with their “copy cat” performances of their favorite songs from classic musicals and timeless tunes by Elvis, Frank Sinatra and more.

It’s not just the music and dancing that “wows” their audiences. The Carolina Copy Cats always look their best on stage with glittering costumes and smiling faces. You would think that traveling from place to place, rehearsals and performances would wear them out, but the Carolina Copy Cats have a secret to their success: compression stockings. These lovely ladies swear by Allegro 8-15mmHg compression pantyhose.

The gradient compression helps to improve blood flow and reduce swelling to keep the stars of the show on their feet. Not only do these pantyhose keep the dancers energized and refreshed, but the dancers look great wearing them too. The event coordinator & official costumer of the group, Lea White says her philosophy is to “Razzle-Dazzle’em!” with sparkles on their eye-catching costumes.

carolina copy cats collage

The Carolina Copy Cats love putting smiles on the faces in the crowd. One time, a man did not want to sit through the show and seemed very unhappy about being wheeled out of his room for it. As the music began to play, he started tapping his foot and moving to the beat. It wasn’t long until the man was singing and dancing along with the Carolina Copy Cats. The real kicker is that this man had been in a nursing home for about two years and had never responded to anything before that. These women gave this man the gift of joy, and to them, that’s what it’s all about.

Check out this video from The Carolina Copy Cats Presents: “Golden Oldies” A Musical Production at the Rock Hill Performance Center last May. For more information or to book or donate to the Carolina Copy Cats visit:


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