Affordable Compression Stockings

Compression stockings tend to be an investment, and for those who have to wear compression daily, it can really add up. For example,a pair of 15-20mmHg Jobst UltraSheer pantyhose currently costs $65.20.  A pair of Jobst for Men knee highs in the same compression are $39.09.  Both are great stockings, but many people can’t or don’t want to spend over $60 on one pair of stockings…. even if they do make your legs feel better.  However, there are other options that still provided the compression you need on your legs (and not your wallet).

Allegro Compression Stockings are knit on the same machines (Merz and Lonati) as Jobst and the other major brands.   A pair of 15-20mmHg Allegro Sheer pantyhose are $21.59, with an open or closed toe.  Allegro Men’s Nylon Dress socks are $14.49.  For $17.74 you can get a men’s knee high knit from a combination of microfiber and cotton, very similar to Jobst Casual for Men.  And these are our everyday Allegro prices.  When we have a buy 3 get 1 free sale, you can save an additional 25%.


So what is the difference?   A big part of the price difference is marketing.  Unlike Jobst, Allegro doesn’t have a slew of salespeople making calls to convince doctors to recommend their brand.  Allegro is packaged in a simple poly-bag with a paper insert… no fancy box.  The fibers and fabric used by Jobst are perhaps a bit more expensive, but both stockings provide the same degree of graduated compression that will reduce swelling, increase blood flow, and make your legs feel better.

If you wear compression stockings, give Allegro a try. The Allegro line offers compression socks for men and women, has the highest customer ratings of any brand we sell and a huge selection of styles, compression levels and fabrics.

BrightLife offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you aren’t completely satisfied.  And don’t miss out on our amazing sales.  Because Allegro isn’t covered under minimum advertised pricing (MAP) like the major brands, we offer discounts throughout the year.  Be sure to sign-up for our emails so you don’t miss out on these great opportunities to save some money…. one is coming up very soon.


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Stephen Mezo - July 9, 2020

My Doctor had recommended compression socks for me and referred me to this site for the Allegro brand. And they have to be the best investment I have ever made.
I’m a big guy and definitely advise the use of a donner/butler device and a handle remover. But the compression hose are easy on and off with it with a little patience and practice. My calf is 23" and the fit is great!

Hope this review helps others with their purchase.

Stephanie - June 16, 2020

Hi Gail – We don’t sell single socks. You would need buy two pair, one in each of the sizes, then you would have two pairs to rotate. You could also consider a velcro wrap which are sold individually. Enter “velcro compression wraps” into the search bar at the top to see the options.

Gail Cable - June 16, 2020

My calves are very different in size. Can I buy single socks or do I have to buy pairs?

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