A Very Fine Glove

Wearing a compression glove can often decrease your dexterity as much as the lymphedema itself.  Gloves with compression in the fingers are typically made from a thick flat-weave fabric which can be bulky. Ready-to-wear gloves have standard length fingers which may or may not be the right length for you.  Who can afford to risk trimming the fingers on a $150 glove only to see it unravel?  Custom gloves fit properly, but they too are bulky and very expensive.

A compression glove is also a visual reminder of the edema.  How the glove looks can be a major factor in whether or not it’s worn.  Non-compliance when treating a condition as serious as lymphedema can have disastrous consequences.

The Farrow Medical Microfine glove will not make your lymphedema go away, but it can eliminate some of the downsides of having to wear a compression glove.

Farrow fabric is significantly thinner than traditional flat-knit gloves, allowing for far greater dexterity.  Fingers are intentionally long so they can be trimmed to any length without fraying, rolling, or decrease in compression.   Finally, the thinner fabric is far less noticeable than a bulky glove which might make you look and feel a lot better!

We’ve noticed several very positive consumer reviews for the Farrow Medical Microfine Glove on the www.breastcancer.org discussion boards.

Farrow Medical’s Microfine Glove is ambidextrous and sized based on wrist circumference and 2 hand measurements.  Sizes range from x-small to large.  Compression rating is 20-30mmHg, which makes it ideal for treating mild to moderate edema.   You have three color choices; sand (pale beige), copper (suntan beige), and black.  Price is currently $86.00.

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