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Arion Easy Slide for Arm Sleeves

 based on 36 Customer Reviews
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Price Range:   $25.95
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The Arion Easy-Slide makes putting on your arm sleeve on a breeze.  Just slide the sleeve over your arm pull on the sleeve and pull out the Easy-Slide.  It's easy to use easy to transport and washable.
  • Medium - 21.75 inches long
  • Large - 24.75 inches long
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 36 Customer Reviews  
Write A Review
   Almost perfect easy slide for arm sleeves, November 4, 2018  By Marianne van der Lubbe (Ellenton, FL)
I left my perfect slide in The Netherlands so I ordered this one. The material is pretty stif and it is way too big but it works.
   ARION Easy Slide for Compression Arm Sleeves, September 17, 2018  By Anonymous (Lewiston, NY)
After many years of use I finally wore out my ARION Easy Slide. This time I ordered two - one for daily use and a spare to keep in my gym bag. The ARION Easy Slide is a brilliant design and makes me 1000% compliant in wearing my compression garment. It's worth every penny. Thank you BrightLife Direct for carrying it at such a good price and for excellent customer service. Vicki (Lewiston, NY)
   Arion Easy Slide, July 18, 2018  By Anonymous (Bozeman, MT)
Elastic arm sleeves are always hard to get on. If it’s easy to get on then it’s probably too stretched out to still be working. My last sleeve, however, is a doozy, just very discouraging trying to get it on.
The Arion easy slide takes just a minute or two and makes getting my tough sleeve on much more easily.
Warning, after you use it the first time, it’s no longer the same shape that it arrived as. It’s no longer the elbow length you try the first time. Instead, after sliding it off your arm, you’re left with a 3 foot piece of plastic with no openings. My husband found the answer on You Tube (of course,).
You need to fold it back inside itself and then you have an opening for your arm. I couldn’t figure that out. Then it works perfectly!
   Arion Easy slide for arm, December 8, 2017  By Anonymous (Lake Charles, LA)
Oh my gosh. This is wonderful! I live alone and didn't wear my sleeve everyday. I needed someone to help me. Now I can put it on all by myself! Would recommend it to everyone!
   Should always be ordered with sleeve, September 14, 2017  By Anonymous (Rincon, GA)
This is a life saver for my wife. Without this sleeve it would be a daily struggle to put her support sleeve on. This product is wonderful.
   Great product, May 19, 2017  By Anonymous (Cypress, TX)
An absolute must for upper extremity lymphedema. Works effectively. Speedy delivery.
   Didn't work well for me, March 31, 2017  By Anonymous (Huntington Beach, CA)
This was way too bulky for my thin arms. I have found I can get the Lymphediva sleeves on better than the other brands, so that's what I do.
   Awkward, but with practice it will make life easier, August 17, 2016  By Anonymous (Seattle, WA)
My occupational therapist suggested I try this product as a substitute to continuing to pay a home health aide to put my lymphedema sleeve on for me. My problem is that the effort involved in putting on my sleeve had, over time, caused a rotator cuff injury, tennis elbow, and an unnamed wrist injury. I'm paying about $200 a month to have the sleeve and support hose put on M-F mornings. But that's not a permanent solution. So the OTs have been working with me on exercises to strengthen my arm. They've also looked for aids to help me put on the sleeve with less effort. We tried a very expensive one that I couldn't useit too required a caregiver.

This product puzzled me at first because I couldn't figure out how to use something that I couldn't get my arm all the way through. Mine came with the end not even pushed as far down as it would go. The video didn't help at all. My OT was able to figure out how to do it. It's still very clumsy, but maybe after a few more tries I'll be able to do it myself. At least the material is slipperier than my arm, and that helps the sleeve slide on over it. It doesn't quite finish the job yet, requiring my bumpy rubber gloves to pull the sleeve the last little bit. But the effort is MUCH less. I just hang onto the top of the sleeve as I slowly pull the Arion Easy Slide off with the door knob. It's worth trying. I can't find on the video any way to use it to remove the sleeve, though. At least the hard part is helped by this product, and I'm in hopes that I'll be able to dispense with the human aids very soon.

If, like me, you've injured your other arm by the effort of putting on your lymphedema sleeve, this product may be of help to you or your caregiver.
   Arion Easy Slide for Arm Sleeves, August 3, 2016  By Gertrude Andrews (Auburn WA 98002, WA)
I love this product although I a still need some assistants with putting on my arm sleeve this donning sleeve makes it much easier to get it on and I am no longer giving me a fat lip when trying to pull out on my sleeve. A great product and I would recommend it to others.
   "Easy Slide" Says It All, July 2, 2016  By Anonymous (Weaverville, NC)
This is my second "easy Slide" for putting on my compression sleeves. The first one lasted for several years before the stiching finally started to fail. It is still useable, but I thought I should get a replacement. The directions say to put the loop over a doorknob, and that works great. A few times I've been stuck somewhere without a doorknob, and then I've placed the loop over the toe of my shoe. My spouse loves to pull the "Easy Slide" off my arm, too, because it's so much fun!
   Easy Slide, April 23, 2016  By Margaret (Pasadena Hills, MO)
This has been such a help! I no longer punch myself in the mouth trying to get my sleeve pulled up properly. I believe also that my sleeves will last longer because I'm not tugging on them. And since they are so expensive, I appreciate having them stay functional longer.
   Miracle product. Easy on arm joints., December 18, 2015  By Anonymous (Bryan, OH)
I purchased this product for one of my clients to try. I tried 2 other types of donning/doffing aides with no success. I was afraid the client would injure her shoulder if she continued to don sleeve with out some assisted device. The Arion easy slide worked wonderful. And my client is now independent and very happy.
   EXCELLENT!, December 1, 2015  By Jeannette Geoffrion (Sumas, WA)
What a life saver this slide for arm sleeves is! I had one previously but wasn't nearly this 'slippery' and quick to use. It is nice and long too! I am very impressed and grateful!
   Arion East Slide for Arm Sleeve, November 12, 2015  By Barbara N (Peoria, AZ)
Absolutely love it! It use to take my husband and I 15-20 minutes and a lot of pulling and tugging to put on my compression sleeve. With the Easy Slider it's on in 2-3 minutes with no hassle.
   Favorite slider, October 23, 2015  By Rosemary (Boise, ID)
I've tried other brands but this is the one, the only, slide for compression garments. My old Easy Slide was in tatters. I've glad to have this one for ease of use, long enough to completely slide an arm compression sleeve on. I also use it for my night garment, a big green JoviPak I call "grasshopper". You can 't go wrong with this and it lasts and lasts.
   Super Easy, September 7, 2015  By Anonymous (Carlisle, PA)
Used to be a hassle to put on my compression sleeve. With the "easy slide" there is no problem, easy, can do it all by myself and the positioning is correct.
   Arion Easy Slide for Arm Sleeves, August 7, 2015  By Anonymous (Davenport, IA)
I was struggling to put on my 30-40 compression arm sleeve. I decided to try the Arion Easy Slide for Arm Sleeves. What a difference. A little learning curve trying to take it off, while hooked to a door knob. I found out if I keep readjusting it high on the arm, while pulling it off, keeps it from slipping over my hand again. What a wonderful help!
   Works Wonders, July 29, 2015  By ELIZABETH M PRICE (Alpharetta, GA)
I bought the Arion Easy Slide to replace one that had done service for the last six or so years and was starting to show its age. They are great for putting on compression sleeves or night sleeves that I wear to combat lymphedema. I 100% recommend them
   ms, June 25, 2015  By Anonymous (NY)
awesome product
   Arion easy slide, June 23, 2015  By Anonymous (Myrtle Beach, SC)
This makes putting the sleeve on by myself so much easier! Love it and get better at using it everyday.
   Easy Slide, April 22, 2015  By Anonymous (Atlantic City, NJ)
I think the material used in the original slides was much softer (and quieter) than this new one. It is really a great help in donning my compression sleeve and I wouldn't want to be without it.
   Arion Easy Slide for Arm Sleeves, February 26, 2015  By Anonymous (Lady Lake, FL)
product allows fast dressing with compression garment
   Great product, February 11, 2015  By Anonymous (Norwalk, IA)
I really like the Easy Slide. It makes putting on my sleeve a breeze!
   Love it!, September 9, 2014  By Anonymous (Kansas City, MO)
Great! Very helpful in donning sleeve! Therapist said such wasn't necessary - wrong! Makes a huge difference! Now if something can be found to aid with inner elbow irritation caused by sleeve.
   Very pleased with product, August 13, 2014  By Anonymous (Huntsville, MO)
Excelllent! Well made of a study material that won't tear under use. Makes putting my sleeve on easy/
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