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Allegro Essential - Sheer Support Pantyhose 20-30mmHg - #33

 based on 360 Customer Reviews
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Price Range:   $25.98
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Allegro Sheer Support pantyhose feature a light control top with a one-inch double-plush waist band and closed toe. They have a reciprocated heel for better fit, cotton/nylon ventilated crotch, and balloon toe for added comfort. Superlative compression hosiery does not have to be expensive -- the Allegro brand provides the same quality comfort and support as the famous brands that cost two to three times more.

This stocking provides 20-30mmHg of gradient compression which helps improve blood flow prevent edema (swelling) and reduce the discomfort caused by moderate to severe varicose veins. Woven from 80% nylon and 20% spandex in the USA.

Hand or machine wash on delicate cycle in warm water with a mild detergent. A garment washing bag is highly recommended. Air dry or machine dry on low heat. Do not use bleach Woolite or fabric softeners. Do not iron. Do not dry clean.
 Average Rating:  4.5 Star Rating
 based on 360 Customer Reviews  
Write A Review
   Great support, August 16, 2018  By Anonymous (Gilson)(Verified)
I am very satisfied with my purchases. Fit perfectly and good quality hose that have lasted for months without runs or loss of support. Thanks for a great product!
   Allegra Sheer Support Pantyhose 20-30 mmHg, August 13, 2018  By Anonymous (Lakeville, MN)(Verified)
I am pleased with this product except I wish they didn't bunch at the ankle. They are fairly sheer, the nude color looks great, they are comfortable and good support. I am comfortable wearing with dresses as long as I wear them with shoes that have an ankle strap to cover the bunching. They are fine under slacks. If you fix the bunching they would be perfect!! I will order more. I am 5"3" but I ordered the regular size as in reading the reviews I thought Petite would be too short and uncomfortable in terms of length. They were a little bit of a challenge to put on at first but I am used to them now. Overall pleased and would recommend. Thank you!
   Happy gal, August 11, 2018  By Anonymous (Newcastle, CA)(Verified)
Not easy being diagnosed with a crappie vascular system and told compression stockings will help get blood up to my ticker, but these compression pantyhose are great. They are sheer and hardly noticeable
They do the trick helping my system while I maintain style and fashion.
I am one happy gal
   Over 20 years, August 7, 2018  By Anonymous (Hermleigh, TX)(Verified)
When I was in my 30's, a doctor asked me if my legs hurt and ached, also if I had broken veins. I was shocked and said "Yes!" The doctor handed be a brochure for Brightlife and I ordered some compression panty hose immediately. I have worn this same type of Allegro hosiery for over 20 years. They are wonderful!! Each time I order I am amazed that the fit, quality, and price has continued to improve. The quality is beautiful and lasts. I do wash them in a fabric bag, on gentle and then hang dry. Beautiful product every time I put them on. Thank You Brightlife for a beautiful product!!
   Need support hose?, August 2, 2018  By Anonymous (Silsbee, TX)(Verified)
Great product. Best value out there.
   Great product and customer service, July 23, 2018  By Anonymous (Satellite Beach, FL)(Verified)
I am a flight attendant and on my feet for long periods of time. The allegro support hose save my legs from feeling tiered. Love this product and customer service is wonderful
   Fantastic, July 17, 2018  By Joe (Port Charlotte, FL)(Verified)
I’ve worn compression hosiery for quite awhile now, to alleviate swelling in my legs. The pantyhose are extremely convenient for me, and are much more comfortable than knee highs or thigh highs.
As of late, I’ve been wearing the Allegro Premiums much more than the Essentials (I have several
pairs of both). The premium line are a bit pricier, more opaque, and offer what seems to me anyway, stronger compression. However I do go back to my Essentials from time to time, and just wanted to reiterate how incredibly comfortable, well fitting, and overall great quality that they are, also at a great price. They are sheer, glide well under my pants at work, and the 20-30’s work great for my needs. My legs feel energized and healthy. At day’s end, they are not at all tired. At times I forget I’m even wearing them. The large waistband is a wonderful feature, as they never roll down on me. They require little to no adjusting no matter how long I’m wearing them. I have had a defective pair here and there, it happens. For the most part though, I can make one pair last weeks to months at a time. Allegro are just an all around great product, and one that I will use for a very long time, no doubt. The Essentials and the Premiums are the only hosiery I wear.
   20-30 mmHg Compression stockings, July 9, 2018  By Anonymous (Chancery Hall)
The colour is good. The fit is fair. Using the size charts, I chose the Queen size which is a size up from actual measurement based on reviews. They are quite difficult to get on and much to my chagrin they run despite me using a glove to help with donning.

I also have full thighs, hence my going up one size. My thighs still tended to chafe together.

Once on they do get the job done and the compression is effective. And bathroom stops were not quite as distressing as I thought they would be.
   Sheer Beauty, July 5, 2018  By Carol parsons (Manhattan)(Verified)
It was my lucky day when I found the Allegra #33 sheer 20-30 compression panty hose. I have worn compression panty hose since 1988. Previous to finding Brightlife the hose I wore were very thick, hot, and ugly! I have recommended these hose to some of my nurse friends. They wanted to pass the info on to some of their patients. Good job Brightlife!
   Great, June 13, 2018  By Anonymous (PARK FOREST, IL)(Verified)
Great product....good quality, does the job at a great price. Also, fast shipment.
   I like the tuape color, May 10, 2018  By Chris (St. Paul)
These are almost exactly like the Ames Walker brand but cheaper and better colors. I always have a hard time in the summer and have found people notice less of the color matches your skin tone. These are good for that. Also like the compression. I am 6 foot 2 at 220 pounds and the XXL fit nicely. You have to remember women have longer legs than men so a woman that 5'11" (Size chart.) will have the same leg length as me. Feet nicely made. I don't know after 19 years of medically needed full leg compression per DR, why I never ordered these. I guess the only drawback is that there are two seams in the back. I guess its good for durability but kind of give me panty lines in dress pants.
   Very Satisfied, May 4, 2018  By Anonymous (Homestead, AZ)
I am a flight attendant and I have had problems with my legs being sore after all day working. Many co-workers recommended buying a pair of compression hose, but they were always out of my price range (typically $70-$80!!) I found these buy chance and love them. I bought 1 to test them out, but I will be purchasing several more as they are perfect for what I need. I highly recommend them!
   Compression Hose, April 19, 2018  By Anonymous (Tulsa, OK)
Worked great, Helps to put them on with latex gloves
   Would not recommend, April 19, 2018  By Anonymous (Toronto)(Verified)
Not comfortable, falls down a lot, bunches and the material isn't as soft as some of my other pairs.
   Allegro Support Pantyhose, April 8, 2018  By Anonymous (Hamilton, NJ)(Verified)
They are a pleasure to wear since they massage my legs. I have recommended them to a number of my friends. They are also easier to put on then other types of compression hose.
   Allegro Essential support pantyhose, April 8, 2018  By Anonymous (Lake Elsinore, CA)
These support hose are awesome. I work long hours on my feet and had started having dependent edema. I could find nothing in stores that helped. Thank goodness I found these online. I will say they are a workout to get on but once on they comfortable and do their job!
   Ms., March 31, 2018  By Anonymous (Jonesboro, GA)(Verified)
These stocking are very good and comfortable, they reduce swelling how excellent.
   Great stockings!, March 30, 2018  By Anonymous (Hackettstown, NJ)
I must wear 20-30mmhg stockings and have tried numerous brands. I like these the best!! The sizing is accurate, the fit is very good, the color & texture appear most like regular pantyhose. The compression is perfect. I just bought 4 more pair!
   Decisions, decisions, what to do...., March 19, 2018  By Paul (SCOTTDALE, PA)
I've been wearing compression pantyhose for several years. I wore compression knee high socks 2006-2012. Then my PCP recommended 20-30mmHg compression pantyhose for more help to control swelling from from hip to toe. Being unfamiliar w/compression pantyhose, I only used what my doctor prescribed & insurance paid for. Gee, only 2 new pair every 6 months. I was so sick of washing them out every evening! And being new to them, I never had them last more than 3-4 months due to runs, snags & the severe stretching of material from donning them without any assistance. And with the price of the popular brand name doctors recommend, a patient on disability can't afford to pay for very many out of their own pocket. I quickly learned to wear a foot liner over the pantyhose when walking without shoes. And to be careful of snags. I had to get them to last as long as possible.
I'm forced to wear compression 24 hrs a day. So, i have 8-15, 15-20, 20-30 & 30-40 in my drawer. I wear what the swelling dictates. With a drawer full of compression pantyhose, it's not easy to keep track which is which. So, I permanently mark the crotch. Now, leave it to an engineer. Starting 4 years ago, every new pair was assigned a number & placed in a zip-lock bag. I noted compression level & date purchased. I marked each bag with a slash every time worn, to keep track how many times they were worn & washed. I've read reviews on how long you should keep & use them. The expensive brand name recommended I replace them after 40-50 times worn/washed. A quart size plastic zip-bag w/notes on it works great. It only takes a couple seconds each time worn. I started buying Allegro in 2015/2016 & keeping track each time worn. Right now, I have Allegro compression pantyhose close to 3 years old, worn/washed over 90 times and they still perform what's required of them. The material is more resistant to runs & wearing out. And they still feel great to wear 12-16 hours a day. The graduated compression performs similar to a new pair. Now I have too many pair in my drawer. If I didn't mark each pair, I would have no idea how old or how many times worn. My questions is: do I throw away the pairs worn/washed 80+ times even though they still provide the compression needed? I know any accountant would say "no, continue to use them". I was taught if it's not broke, leave it alone. But I've never seen a manufacturer recommend keeping compression stockings that long. What to do?
   Great pantyhose!, March 15, 2018  By Marie (Baton Rouge, LA)(Verified)
I really enjoyed wearing this pair of pantyhose, super comfortable, because of the compression they stayed in place
   Allegro, February 26, 2018  By Anonymous (peoria, AZ)(Verified)
Great product! Love them more than jobst brand! Much more comfortable & you cant beat the price!
   Allegro, February 26, 2018  By Anonymous (Peoria, AZ)(Verified)
Perfect!fit great, easy to clean, comfortable!
   Allegro Essential Sheer Support Pantyhose, February 23, 2018  By Anonymous (Ord, NE)(Verified)
I have been buying from Bright Life for many years. I love the sheer pantyhose. It feels great and keeps my ankles from swelling when I spend a lot of the day on my feet.
   Geat buy, February 17, 2018  By Anonymous (Verified)
These have great support for my legs. It was difficult to get used to wearing pantyhose but once I started wearing them it became second nature. Now if I don't have them on it feels weird.Cured my leg issue for sure! Also they wear like iron.
   Loved It, February 5, 2018  By Anonymous (Whittier, CA)
The product is great and the customer service even better. Thanks so much!!
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