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TED Hose

Anti-Embolism stockings, also known as TED stockings, are compression socks that are specifically designed for anyone who is unable to walk for extended periods of time or has a limited range of motion. They can be prescribed for a variety of reasons but are most commonly recommended to patients in hospitals or at home who are on bed rest while recovering from surgery. These bedridden patients are at a higher risk for blood clots and other leg-related medical complications due to their immobility and long periods of inactivity.

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Mediven Thrombexin 18 Anti-Embolism Knee Highs
Mediven Thrombexin 18 Anti-Embolism Knee Highs
Rating: 4.6

$24.93 $19.94
Sigvaris Anti-Embolism Knee High Stockings
Sigvaris Anti-Embolism Knee High Stockings
Rating: 0

$27.95 $22.36
Jobst Anti-Embolism Knee Highs
Jobst Anti-Embolism Knee Highs
Rating: 4.8

$29.60 $23.68
Mediven Thrombexin 18 Anti-Embolism Thigh Highs
Mediven Thrombexin 18 Anti-Embolism Thigh Highs
Rating: 5

$34.98 $27.98
Sigvaris Anti-Embolism Thigh High Stockings
Sigvaris Anti-Embolism Thigh High Stockings
Rating: 0

$39.95 $31.96
Jobst Anti-Embolism Thigh Highs
Jobst Anti-Embolism Thigh Highs
Rating: 4

$49.94 $39.95
Jobst Anti-Em/GP Thigh High multi-pack
Jobst Anti-Em/GP Thigh Highs - 6 pair
Rating: 0

$217.04 $173.63
Jobst Anti-Em/GP Multi-pack Box
Jobst Anti-Em/GP Knee Highs - 12 pairs
Rating: 0

$282.28 $225.82
Jobst Anti-Em/GP Waist Highs
Jobst Anti-Em/GP Waist Highs - 6 per box
Rating: 0

$337.56 $270.05

TED stockings help prevent blood clots from forming and are clinically proven to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT), which occurs when a blood clot forms deep in your veins. This is an important post-surgery consideration because blood clots can be extremely dangerous. A loose blood clot could break free and travel back to the heart and lungs, potentially blocking a major blood vessel (this is known as a pulmonary embolism). Once a blood clot reaches your heart, it can be fatal. That’s why doctors prescribe the therapeutic compression of TED stockings to help prevent blood clots during recovery time. TED stockings increase blood flow and circulation throughout the legs when lying down to help keep legs healthy.

Unlike regular compression socks, TED stockings provide the same level of compression throughout the entire length of the leg, rather than one that gradually changes. Anti-Embolism socks also typically have an inspection opening just above the toes, making it easier to check a patient’s circulation.

BrightLife Direct offers a selection of knee-high and thigh-high stockings that can be worn by both men and women. Finding the right size and fit is essential, so be sure to consult with your doctor or physician before making a purchase.