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FLA Orthopedics

FLA logo FLA Orthopedics is for living actively to empower people to feel their best when recovering from an injury or during physical activity. FLA is the leading authority in helping people to continue living an active lifestyle. With over thirty years of innovation and product development, FLA Orthopedics is proud to offer high quality products at great prices so you never miss a beat. FLA is committed to providing their customers with state-of-the-art products. Choose from tons of products for back, knee, arm support and more to find the perfect product for you.

FLA Orthopedics offers a variety of heat soothing products for achy muscles and support, including wrist, elbow, back, knee and ankle support. These products are made of a material that uses ceramic fibers to insulate the joint by retaining heat, then slowly reflects it back into the joint and surrounding tissues. Therapeutic heat is penetrated deep into the aching joint muscles and tissues for long-lasting, soothing relief. It is constructed with four-way stretch material for light compression to counteract swelling and relieve pain in the wrist and hand. These products can be with the Therall Body Warmer Patch, which is sold separately, for 12 hours or more of soothing heat therapy. These products improve joint mobility to help you get back to your daily activities. Wear to counteract swelling, soothing relief, increasing circulation, and improving joint mobility to help you recover faster. Learn more about these products below.

Therall Joint Warming Wrist Support helps you heal by increasing circulation around the tender joint, and improves joint mobility to recover faster.

Therall Heat Retaining Elbow Support relieves elbow pain and provides light compression to counteract swelling and increases circulation around the tender joint to improve mobility.

Therall Heat Retaining Back Support has overlapping side pulls for additional compression, and contoured metal stays can be shaped for a custom fit. The back support improves mobility and provides long-lasting comfort.

Therall Joint Warming Knee Support is also made with ceramic fibers to retain heat, which provides soothing relief to the joint and surrounding tissues.

Therall Therapeutic Foot Warmers are made of a cozy fleece material that conforms to your foot shape. Heat them up in the microwave to relieve your tired, aching feet of pain. This product is perfect for arthritis, tendonitis, stiffness, chronic cold feet and sore or aching feet. They are made for men and women.

Therall Joint Warming Ankle Support counteracts swelling and provides therapeutic heat for aching joint muscles and tissues for long-lasting relief.

Prolite 3D Knee Support features state of the art 3D knitting technology to provide stabilization and compression for weak or injured knees. Features anti-slip cuffs for a secure fit and a stabilizing, medical-grade silicone insert that gently massages the knee area to help reduce pain and swelling. The gradient compression helps to promote the healing process. This knee support is made of moisture-wicking fibers, polyamide and elastane for a light, breathable and cool fabric, which is a great alternative to neoprene. Perfect for gonarthritis, weak knees, minor meniscus damage and weak ligaments or injuries of the knee. Anatomical contouring supports natural motion of the knee and provides an exceptional fit. It also has a Motion Comfort Zone behind the knee and a non-constricting top and bottom cuff for superior comfort. For the thigh, measure the circumference 5 ½” about the center of the knee, and 4 ¾” below the center of the knee for the calf.

Prolite Compressive Ankle Support is made of a lightweight, breathable knit material that is great for tender or swollen ankles that are caused by sprains, strains or sports injuries. It contains two L-shaped viscoelastic inserts that surround the soft tissue area of the joint to provide a gentle massaging effect as the ankle moves.

Prolite Low Profile 6” Wrist Splint is used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains and strains after you remove the cast. The splint provides compression as well as stabilization to weak or injured wrists. It has a low profile design at 6” for full finger mobility and improved grip strength. The sleek, black color helps to hide soiling. Features removable palmar stay and two medial/lateral stays for maximum support and stabilization. This product is latex free and is easy to apply with one hand. Made of breathable foam with a polyester cover for a cooler alternative to neoprene.

Prolite Compressive Elbow Support with Viscoelastic Insert gives a compressive massage to increase circulation and reduce both pain and swelling. This product is perfect if you have pain and swelling around your elbow from sprains, strains or from sports injuries. If you have arthritis, tenderness and nagging pain, this elbow support helps to relieve strain. The lightweight, breathable knitted elastic construction gives compression to ligaments and tendons on both sides of your elbow.

Prolite Soft Form Posture Control Brace is great for osteoporosis or arthritis. It is great to wear if you have slouching shoulders, or if you are bothered by stooped or poor posture. The body material is made from an outer layer of nylon, support foam base and a soft inner cotton lining. It has criss-cross elastic shoulder straps that don’t pinch to keep your shoulders in the right place, and two bendable and adjustable aluminum stays in the back for support. These stays are bendable and can be shaped or removed as necessary to best fit your back. The ventilated elastic side panels feature a breathable, unique filament stitching to keep your skin cool. The side panels stabilize the abdominal and lumbar and provide support compression. This product is made latex free. Make sure to measure around the fullest part of the abdomen when sizing. You can wear it under your clothes, while sitting or during physical activity to control positioning.

Soft Point Blue Dot Heel Cushions provide comfort and relief from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, fat pad atrophy and lower back, leg and foot pain. Unlike the Soft Point Heel Pads, these cushions are easy to transfer between pairs of shoes and are even marked with an “L” or “R” for your left and right feet. If the sides curl you can trim them, but do not trim the heel or blue inserts. These inserts are softer than the rest of the cushion to relieve pressure and pain on the most sensitive foot and heel areas. Made from medical grade silicone to absorb the shock of high-impact heel strike. They are non-irritating and odor free so they will always keep their shape and stay soft.

Viscolas Sports Full Insoles can easily be moved between shoes. Featuring Viscolas original polymer to dissipate the shock of everyday heel impact and prevent skeletal reverberations. Like the other Viscolas insole, it helps to relieve pain and discomfort by reducing the stress on your heels, joints and back. They are used for athletic activities, shin splints, plantar pain, medical ankle pain, and to treat pain and fatigue in the foot, knee and back. Featuring a tacky bottom and a bacteria and fungus resistant fabric on top to keep your foot dry and comfortable.

Soft Point Viscolas Heel Pads reduce the stress and relieves pain and discomfort on your heel, joints and back. Viscolas original viscoelastic polymer has unique properties that dissipate the shock of heel impact and prevent skeletal reverberations. These heel pads are used to treat heel spurs, plantar fasciitis, leg length differences and heel, knee and back pain. The fabric on top keeps your foot dry and comfortable and resists the growth of bacteria and fungi. The bottom of the pads have a naturally tacky surface to hold them in place. If they start to lose their tackiness, wipe them with alcohol or warm water. Try to keep them in the same shoes. Moving them between different pairs a lot can deteriorate them. Size is based on your shoe size.

Soft Point Viscolas Full Insoles treat arthritis in weight bearing joints, shin splints, plantar pain, and get relief from pain and fatigue in your feet, knees and back. They reduce the stress on your heel, joints and back to provide relief for pain and discomfort. Viscolas original viscoelastic polymer has unique properties that dissipate the shock of heel impact and prevent skeletal reverberations. Like the Viscolas Heel Pads, these insoles also have a tacky underside and a fabric on top that keeps your foot dry and resists bacterial and fungal growth. To prevent deterioration, do not move these between pairs of shoes often. To wear them, remove the existing insoles of any debris and place them in the shoes fabric side up. If it doesn’t lay flat, trim the toe area with scissors and use the old insoles as a guide, but remember not to trim the heel!

HealWell AFO Night Wrap is used to treat mild plantar fasciitis, mild achilles conditions and night cramps in the calf. It can be worn on either foot to keep you comfortable while you sleep. During the day, when you walk or stand, you are stretching the plantar fascia and tendons in your feet. When you sleep, these tissues contract. If they become inflamed, it hurts to stretch them out in the morning. This wrap prevents the tissues from contracting in the tendons of your foot at night so your feet don’t hurt in the morning. Features adjustable Velcro straps and sizing is based on your shoe size.

Cincher Back Support is perfect for women with lower back pain or strain (lumbar lordosis) or for mild to moderate lumbar strain. Featuring vertical support elements to provide compression to sensitive areas due to stress and damage. It is shaped to fit and support your body and is made of high density mesh with wide elastic triple side pulls. This product also emphasizes spinal alignment with compression to the abdomen/lower back. The adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to fit on different body lengths. Measure around the upper hip and use your dress size.

Deluxe Lumbar Sacral Support, 11" Height helps to relieve stress on the lower spine. Featuring a unique double-closure design and four contoured rigid stays that can be shaped for a customized fit. The front closures are made of elastic and soft foam. The back panel is made of perforated vinyl with a soft cotton lining. Measure around the hips, just below the waistline. Available in white only.

Safe-T-Sport Neoprene Shoulder Support features a built-in picket that holds a reusable hot or cold gel pack (sold separately) over top of the tender joint, and adjustable chest and arm closures for a custom, comfortable fit. The Shoulder Support stabilizes, supports and protects the shoulder against future injuries, but still has room to move around. It is made of a sports neoprene material that provides compression and retains your body heat to provide therapeutic, soothing heat to warm your shoulder joints and surrounding muscles. It fits the right or left shoulder and is easy to wear under clothing.

Adjustable ROM Knee Brace allows for progressive rehabilitation. Features a universal, two-way adjustable design that fits a a large range of sizes and feels like a custom fit. Made latex free of neoprene and Tri-Permalon™ material for breathable, compressive support. You can control the joint movement using the polycentric ROM hinges, which have flexion and extension settings that can be adjusted in 20 degree increments to prevent further injury and speed up recovery.

GelBand Patella Strap uses a built-in viscoelastic gel U-Point™ insert to apply compression where it is needed most. It also helps to improve patella alignment and provide more support. The non-restrictive compression decreases the stress on the knee. It can be worn on either leg and fits knees that measure 11" to 18" around the center of the knee.

Soft Form Elegant Wrist Support prevents wrist flexion, extension, rotation and deviation, while still allowing full control of moving your fingers. It has a removable metal palmar stay as well as two medial/lateral stays for additional support and to keep the wrist from moving. The open-cell foam material provides comfortable compression and is also cool and breathable.

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