Each Manufacturer of compression hosiery has its own sizing chart. A medium size in one brand may not be a medium in another. Some brands offer petite (shorter) lengths when others do not. Knowing your measurements will ensure you get a garment that fits properly.

If you have swelling, measure first thing in the morning after you get out of bed. This is when swelling is at a minimum, and the size your leg should remain once the swelling is eliminated.

For knee-highs, measure around your ankle and calf, and the distance from the floor to the back of your knee. For thigh-high and waist-high, also measure around your upper thigh.
Ankle Measure ANKLE
Measure around the ankle at the narrowest point, generally above the ankle bone.
Measure around the calf muscle at the widest part.
Calf Measure
Length Measure LENGTH
Measure from the floor to the bend behind the knee.
Measure around the thigh approx. 3" below the gluteal fold (crease of buttocks).
Thigh Measure

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