Socks Too Tight? Go Down In Compression, Not Up In Size

We frequently receive emails from customers who find their compression stockings feel too tight, asking if they should order the next larger size.   The answer is NO, assuming the stockings are sized properly.

Compression stockings and compression arm sleeves aren’t like a regular piece of clothing.  Each size is designed to fit a leg or arm that is a specific size.  Wearing a garment that is too small will provide more than the stated compression, and can actually impede blood flow.  Wearing a garment that is too big will provide less than the stated compression, roll or slide down, and can easily wrinkle.

Wrinkles in compression garments should always be avoided.  They pinch your skin, and after a full day of wear leave red lines or rings that can be quite painful.

If your stockings feel too tight, first confirm that you’re wearing the correct size.  Measure your leg or arm and check the measurements against the size chart for your garment.  If the size is right and they still feel too tight, talk to your doctor or therapist about going down a level in compression.

If you have to wear compression stockings, a moderate 15-20mmhg compression stocking on your leg is better than a firm 20-30mmHg compression stocking in a drawer.

Pete@BrightLife Direct